April 14, 2015

Plug In!

A Place to Serve in the Creative Arts Ministry

God’s greatest desire is to be intimate with us.  We as a church, and the Creative Arts Ministry, want to have that intimacy with the Lord Jesus.  We also want to help others develop that intimacy as well.

If you desire an intimate relationship with Jesus Christ and you like to sing, please consider our area of ministry.

Below we have listed many areas of service and training within the Creative Arts Ministry, along with a brief description of each. 

Worship Team – Vocalist.  These individuals sing in teams of 3 or 4 during our main Sunday  morning services and evening services.  Their purpose is to help lead the congregation in worship.  Vocalists sing on a rotating basis.  Vocalists must audition before joining the team.

Worship Team – Band.  Band members play in the main Sunday morning services as their schedule allows.  They provide instrumentation for all aspects of the worship services: preludes, worship, special music, offertories, etc.

Special Music.  Special music is another form of worship leading which requires a high level of musical ability.  We use both vocal and instrumental specials.  Most special music takes place in the Modern Sunday morning services, although we occasionally use it in the 8:15 a.m. Heritage service.  Special music is by invitation/audition only.

Worship Leading.  Although worship leaders must be skilled musicians, they must above all be worshipers who are seeking the Lord.  Worship leaders work with the band, vocalists and others involved in the service to determine the elements of the service and how they will flow together.  Those seeking to lead worship should consult with the Worship Minister.

Technical Ministry.  The technical ministry oversees sound and lighting production for all of our services.  Those serving in this ministry do so on a rotating basis, usually working together on teams of two.  Though it’s not necessary to have experience in this area in order to serve, it is helpful to have an interest in sound equipment in addition to a willingness to learn.

Multimedia Ministry.  We do our best to seek out and use technology which enhances the worship experience and minimizes distraction during services. To this end, our multimedia ministry uses computers and video to display song lyrics, sermon notes and other material during our main Sunday morning and other worship services. 

Video Production.  Our video production ministry helps meet a growing demand for videotapes of special events.  We also film and display our main Sunday morning services on TVs in the nursery and foyer.

Communion Preparation.  Because we participate in the Lord’s Supper each week, our communion preparation ministry is a vital one.  Volunteers prepare communion for all services and classes on a monthly basis.

Baptism Assistance.  We hold to the New Testament teaching of baptism by immersion, and our baptism assistance ministry is in place to assist those who take this important step of faith.  Volunteers may serve on a weekly or monthly basis.

Ushers.  Our ushers provide an important service to our congregation each week by distributing bulletins, helping visitors to find a seat, taking attendance at services and being available to those who need assistance.  Ushers serve on a weekly rotating schedule.

Servers.  Our servers, along with our elders and deacons, assist with the distribution of communion and the collection of offering at our morning services.  These individuals serve on a weekly rotating schedule.