April 14, 2015


Mathetes: Discipleship Training


Dr. Rory Christensen, Lead Minister at CCC will be offering an intensive discipleship training initiative, called Mathetes (Ma-thA-tAs), at Central Church of Christ. Mathetes is a Greek word that means “disciple.” In the New Testament it is used of those who follow Jesus, are being changed by Jesus and are on mission for Jesus. At this training you will be equipped to live “the way of the mathetes,” as one who follows Jesus and guides others into biblical discipleship, “the life-long process of . . . being restored, from the inside-out, to the fullness of God’s image.” It will give you tools to both understand that process and to guide others through it personally. It will also give you an opportunity to interact with other leaders as you develop this foundational, strategic and practical understanding of disciple making.

Dates & Times:



While a typical college course over this topic can cost over $1250, Central Church of Christ is offering this training at no cost.If you are able, you can participate in underwriting this training by giving a suggested donation of $25 per person ($40 per couple) to help defer the cost of dinner, drinks, and training material for the four days of training.

Childcare will be offered for attendee’s children only thru 5th grade.


Bethel Series: Teacher Training


We offer an intensive Bethel teacher training to prepare people for leadership positions. The Bethel Series is a carefully planned program that gives the Scriptures relevancy and equips adults to apply the Word of God to their lives.  Upon completion of this course you will be equipped to teach the Bethel Series.

Dates & Times:

This session is closed.


The Bethel Series Books cost $50.00 each, two are required.

(Partial scholarships are available through the CCC Office.)

For additional Info, contact Jessica Pastirik, Director of Involvement Ministries