April 14, 2015

Central Students

Who We Are

Central Students exists to allow a safe place for students, 6th through 12th grade, of our area to come experience Jesus and engage in relationships that help them to become who God made them to be.

What We Are Aiming For

We have four Core Values that we are aiming to live by. We believe that when we live a life based on these Core Values, then we grow in a more passionate relationship with Jesus.

  1. Passion: Jesus loves me more than I can imagine. As I grow in the revelation of His love for me, my passion for Him grows. He’s my savior, my friend, my healer, and my King. I aim to daily spend time with Jesus so that I might become a passionate disciple.
  2. Prayer: Jesus shows us how to pray, and tells us to persistently make requests to our heavenly Father like a child that refuses to quit asking. My Father hears every prayer I pray and every prayer matters to Him. I aim to weekly engage in a prayer meeting at my local church or at my school.
  3. Purity : Jesus tells us that the pure in heart will see God. As I daily make choices to abstain from worldly things, i become spiritually stronger and others are able to see Jesus through me. I aim to fast from something one day per week. This fast will remind me that I desire God more than worldly things and will give me increased time to pray.
  4. Purpose: Jesus commands us to go into the world and make disciples of all nations, and I have a role to play in His global mission. Since heaven and hell are realities, I aim to lead one person this year into a vibrant relationship with Jesus.

What We Offer

  • Sunday School every morning at 9:30 a.m.
  • theGathering on Sunday nights from 5:45-8pm

theGathering is our main service for Jr. High and High School students. At theGathering you can expect to learn about Jesus through relative teachings, embrace fellowship and have fun playing all sorts of activities!

*theGathering will start back up September 9th