September 11, 2016

Growth Opportunities

Get serious about Growth!

At Central we have a wide variety of classes and growth opportunities that help you live a healthier, vibrant, and God-honoring life.  Our growth opportunities include . . .

Sunday School

Join one of our ongoing classes that dive deep into the Word of God and explain its relevance for our lives.  These engaging and focused growth opportunities occur during each of our morning services and assist children (during services 2-3) and adults (during all 3) to spiritual growth.

Bethel Series 

Engage in a disciplined study of Scripture in such a way that you encounter the Living Christ!  Our Bethel Series is a unique and image-driven overview of the Old and New Testament parts of the Bible.  This study guides an encounter of the story of God moving through history and equips you to connect God’s plan of salvation with others.

Encouraging Sisters // Women’s Bible Study

Join one of these women’s only studies of God’s Word.  Experience uplifting relationships and informative Bible study in these studies that meet on Sunday morning (ES) and Tuesday morning (WBS).  Connect with other committed women, develop a biblical worldview, and get the encouragement and support you need to continue a life of faithfulness.

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